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Tracer Study Survey

How to Participate in the Graduate Tracer Study Survey:

The Graduate Tracer Study Survey is a study conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Malaysia to gather information on graduate employment, further education and graduates' perception on curriculum, facilities and services of the higher education provider.


Please be informed that all graduands are required to participate in the Graduate Tracer Study conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

The survey is made available from 18 September 2023

* Students will need to complete the survey before collecting the Academic Robes on the Rehearsal Day.

1. Visit Tracer Study Survey's official portal at


2. At the Log In area:-

  • To change language, kindly refer to the tab on the top, right hand corner

  • Kindly fill in the details as per following EXAMPLE;


3. Lastly, click Submit/Hantar.


  • All graduands are required to complete these graduate tracer study surveys and HCUC Alumni Registration Form. 

  • After completing the questionnaire, please take a screenshot of the Confirmation Slip for your reference. When collecting your academic robes, please present it to the staff as proof of completion. 

Sample of confirmation slip for Tracer Study Survey

Sample of the Alumni Form Submission

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