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Alumni Registration

Every graduate needs to fill in the HCUC Alumni Registration Form. You will be part of HCUC Alumni Community where you will be invited to attend events and build networks within the alumni community worldwide. 


Link attached below:-

Benefits of Becoming Part of HCUC Alumni Community

  1. Networking opportunities: HCUC Alumni Community organizes networking events, social gatherings, and professional development programs that allow you to connect with fellow alumni. This networking can help you build relationships, expand your professional contacts, and discover new career opportunities.

  2. Job and career support: HCUC Alumni Community announces job opportunities that can assist you in finding employment and advancing careers.

  3. Lifelong learning and education: HCUC Alumni Community provides access to educational resources, workshops and seminars. These opportunities can help you stay updated on industry trends, enhance your knowledge and skills, and continue your intellectual growth. HCUC also provides Alumni Bursary which allows you to continue your study at a higher level.

  4. Reconnect with your alma mater: Joining HCUC Alumni Community allows you to stay connected with your alma mater. You can attend homecoming events, reunions, and other social and recreational activities organised. It provides a sense of belonging and allows you to contribute to the development and reputation of HCUC.

Overall, joining an HCUC Alumni Community allows you to maintain a connection with your alma mater, expand your network, and access various resources and opportunities that can contribute to your personal and professional growth.

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