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Nurturing Talents, Creating Winners

For 100 years, Han Chiang has been pioneering affordable yet quality education for the benefits of its community. A non-profit institution steeped in the tradition of cultivating leaders of the future, HCUC is committed to the highest standard of excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship. As the first university college of communication in Malaysia, HCUC takes pride in its commitment to holistic education, exemplified through its diverse array of programmes in Communication and Media Studies. Our graduates shine in their excellent accomplishments, both on and off campus, and are highly sought after in the corporate world.


HCUC also offers distinguished undergraduate programmes in Business and Management, and Applied Creative Arts and Design. We are also the first in northern Malaysia to offer Diploma, Bachelor and postgraduate programmes in Chinese Studies.

Our industry-oriented programmes, coupled with our passion to nurture well-rounded graduates mean that HCUC’s graduates are distinctly competent in their respective fields and ready to take on any challenges that come their way. Lecturers in HCUC leverage on their vast industrial experience to provide our students with quality education. We never cease to innovate, learn and support one another to transform lives. We equip and empower our students with one common goal in mind: To prepare them for what’s ahead so that they can make a difference and create positive impact to the society and the world beyond.


At HCUC, we help you get the most out of every opportunity presented to you throughout your time with us. It is our aim to create graduates who are well rounded and highly employable, work ready and equipped with the ability to take on new challenges. As HCUC moves forward and defines the future, we remain rooted to our history and steadfastly pursue future endeavours with the same perseverance and passion that has brought us to where we are today.

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