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Comfortable Hostel

HCUC's hostel is located in George Town, a world cultural heritage area. The hostel is situated in a quiet and high-end residential area adjacent to the old Gurney Drive commercial area. HCUC's hostel provides a quiet and comfortable community environment for students to rest and recharge. The carefully decorated hostel offers a panoramic view of the cape of Penang’s old Gurney Drive. Students can experience the beautiful Nanyang scenery without leaving the hostel.​

Campus Activities

The Golden Achievement Award (GAA), Graduation Ceremony, and Host Idol Contest are annual HCUC iconic activities. HCUC students are heavily involved in the preparation and organisation of such events with the guidance of their lecturers. Their involvement in college events equips students with specific, creative and practical skillsets that facilitate their successful transition to the workplace upon completion of their studies.

The annual Graduation Exhibition of Applied Creative Design and Art students that takes place in Georgetown is a much-awaited student event that showcases the creativity of HCUC students. The Mid-Autumn Festival organised by the Student Representative Council and the International Office, and Chinese New Year handicraft workshops organised by students of the Chinese Language Society are immensely popular with students. At HCUC, students receive a holistic education while they participate in fun-filled activities.

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