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Convocation Information

Registration on Convocation Day

  • Graduands will be required to register at the respective venue according to your programme. 

  • A queue card will be given to you upon registration. Your name and programme of study are captured in the barcode on the card. Make sure you get the correct card and don't exchange it with someone else.

  • Please ensure that you keep the queue card with you at all times. 

  • Losing the card may result in your name not being called during the presentation of the scroll.

  • Only those who have the queue card are allowed to enter LT1 and Auditorium.

  • Please be punctual. Late comers will not be allowed to enter LT1 and Auditorium.

  • Please be seated according to the seating arrangement. The list will be displayed at the MPH 1 and the entrance of LT1 and Auditorium. 

  • The marshal will escort the graduands to the Convocation Hall at 8.15 am.



You are not allowed to bring your personal belongings (ie: bag, water tumbler) into LT1, Auditorium and Convocation Hall. Therefore, please leave your personal belongings with your parents / guardians before registering at LT1 or Auditorium.

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