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Hostel Villa Damai

Han Chiang University College of Communication is complete with accommodation facilities located at Jalan Edgecumbe, Pulau Tikus, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang. It's a seven (7) storey apartment block consisting of two (2) units per level. 

Hostel Facilities included


Air-conditioning (with timer)


Washing Machine

Water Heater

Security Service


Tables & Chairs

Water Dispenser


The hostels are fully furnished, well-maintained with basic amenities. Student tenants are responsible for the cleanliness of the premises. 

Students are advised to bring their own: 

Bed-sheet & Mattress


Pillow & Pillowcase


Washing Detergent

Other daily Necessities

Types of Rooms:

Double Decker (4 paxs - 6 paxs)
Double Bedroom with Shared Bathroom
Double Bedroom with Attached Bathroom
Single Bedroom with Attached Bathroom

New Application

  1. For admission to the hostel, the student will have to apply through the Accommodation Application Form, which can be obtained from the Student Services or Education Counsellor Office of the Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUC).

  2. Newcomers will be given priority to stay in the hostel.

  3. Hostel fees have to be paid before the check-in date.

Before admission to the Hostel, you are required to sign 

  1. Hostel Accommodation Agreement

  2. Pay the rental for the semester 

  3. Pay the deposit required

Renewal of Tenancy

Student tenants who wish to continue their stay at the hostel are required to pay the hostel rental to the Bursary Department before the beginning of the next semester. A late payment fee of RM5 will be imposed on student tenants who did not pay the hostel rental before the deadline.​

Application Process

Ending/Termination of Tenancy

  1. The hostel rental is not refundable during the semester if you wish to terminate before the semester ends.

  2. A one-month written notice must be given to the Hostel Warden if the student tenants do not wish to continue staying a the hostel. 

  3. The refund of deposits process will only take place when keys and access card is returned to the Hostel Warden.

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