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The Intensive English Course at HCUC empowers students to improve their command of the English language as they gear up for academic success. Our course equips students with the necessary listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as they are exposed to a mixture of simulation games and language activities. There are three levels of the course - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Spend five weeks for each level of IEC, with three hours per meeting and two meetings per week.

Key Benefits

  • Learn English from experienced and caring lecturers with professional qualifications (Teaching English as a Second Language)

  • Be prepared for language proficiency tests like MUET and IELTS

  • Enhance your CV

  • Enjoy recording studio facilities during classes on spoken English

Programme Structure

Beginner and Intermediate Level:

  • Refresher in grammar

  • Apply grammar in context

  • Carry out speaking activities

  • Write simple sentences, paragraphs and short texts

  • Practise listening

  • Skimming and scanning skills

  • Comprehend written texts

  • Interpreting non-linear texts

Advanced Level:

  • Presentation skills

  • Formal written activities

  • Analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Advanced conversations in social and academic contexts

  • Academic essays

  • Comprehension exercises

IELTS Prep Training:

  • Format of IELTS Examination

  • Answering techniques

  • Practical tips before and during the exam


March, August, November

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