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Convocation Information

Academic Robes

Collection of Academic Robes

Before collecting the robes, graduands need to:

  • return overdue library books.

  • settle all the outstanding fees.

  • complete the Tracer Study Survey and Alumni Registration Form 

  • present your student ID, proof of submission of the Graduate Tracer Study Survey and Alumni Registration Form.

  • pay a deposit of RM200 in CASH to the robe vendor upon collection of the Academic robes. (DO NOT bank in / transfer to HCUC Accounts). Please take note that a full refund of deposit is subject to the returning of the full set of attire in good condition.

  • ensure that you are not COVID-19 positive, or under the Home Surveillance Order (HSO). 

  • put on your mask if you have symptoms such as cough / flu / fever. Please maintain safe physical distancing. 

Note: Collection of the Academic robes by the graduand’s representative is permitted by  producing an Authorisation for Collection of Convocation Attire Form, printed copy of Tracer Study Confirmation Slip and Alumni Registration Slip (please refer to the sample) and present it to the staff on duty during collection of the robe. The Graduands are fully responsible for the Academic robes collected by the representative.

After collecting the robes, graduands need to:

  • ensure that you received a complete set of Academic robes including the mortar board and hood with the correct size. 

  • ensure that no modification in any part of the Academic robes is made. 

  • ensure that the full set of Academic robes is kept clean and protected from any damage or loss. 

Returning of Academic Robes

  • It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the graduates to ensure that the complete set of Academic robes is returned in good condition. Compensation charges will be levied if the returned Academic robes are damaged or lost.

  • All graduates are REQUIRED to return Academic robes including the hood and mortarboard at the time and venue mentioned above. 

  • Only graduates who have returned the Academic robes are allowed to collect the scrolls and academic transcripts.

  • Refunds of the Academic robes deposit will be made after all complete sets of Academic robes are returned in good and perfect condition to the vendor.

  • Return of Academic robes via POS LAJU / courier service are subject to the vendor’s approval.

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